KISS YOUR TIGER STRIPES GOODBYE: Preventative and effective solutions for stretch marks

Written by Laura Avery

19 Jul

5 min read

Stretch marks, also known as 'Striae Distensae' are a very common form of scarring that affects many men and women often occurring as a result of continuous and progressive over stretching of the skin during significant weight changes. They are permanent white or silver streaks found in areas of rapid growth over the body that share the resemblance of 'tiger stripes.'

While our scars and stretch marks are unique and beautiful in the way they show a story of what we have been through or accomplished during our lifetime, they may negatively impact a persons confidence depending on the location and severity of them. The good news is, with good management and effective treatment early on, the severity and appearance of your stretch marks can be prevented and significantly improved in most cases.

Early signs of stretch marks are thin and flattened areas of skin that are usually pink in colour. Some people will experience itching as the skin stretches and shortly after the stretch marks will become raised and bright purple or red in colour. It is during the early stages that your stretch marks should be treated to achieve the best aesthetic results.

The best way to prevent the severity of your stretch marks during weight change is to keep your skin moist, hydrated and nourished with a good moisturiser and oil this allows your skin to stretch without causing significant irreversible damage to the skins underlying tissues.

To treat your stretch marks, I highly recommend treating them early on whilst they are still dark in colour with a series of Dermapen Skin Needling treatments for best results. Skin Needling effectively treats and improves the appearance of skin sagging, stretch marks, textual irregularities, atrophic and hypertrophic scarring found on the body. The state-of-the-art device glides effortlessly along the skin creating micro injuries into the deeper layers of skin and scar tissue.

These injuries encourage cellular renewal and repair at an accelerated rate. An influx of collagen and elastin are sent to repair the injured sites forcing total skin rejuvenation, resurfacing and remodelling of the skin. As a result, the skin appears smoothed, scarring is significantly improved, indentation is minimised and the skin appears tighter, reducing the appearance of sagging which may occur after weight change or often, pregnancy.

Please note, results are cumulative and 3-6 treatments are usually recommend for this specific type of scarring. Pricing depends on the size of the treatment area, therefore a consultation is necessary.

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