LIGHT UP YOUR WORLD: Everything you should know about LED Phototherapy

Written by Laura Avery

19 Jul

5 min read

If you are after instantly plump and glowing skin, then look no further than a LED Phototherapy facial. These special lights treat the deeper layers of skin where your skin products and hands can’t reach, creating visibly healthy glowing skin and advanced results without the downtime.

LED Phototherapy is based on the principle that living cells are able to absorb light. I highly recommend Dermalux Phototherapy. It a state-of-the-art and award winning technology that uses only beneficial and clinically proven blue, red and near infrared wavelengths and is the only LED light system to provide the option of delivering all three wavelengths simultaneously in one hit.

Each wavelength determines the target for the light and the depth of penetration:

The blue light reaches the epidermal layers of skin and improves the skins clarity by significantly reducing inflammation, bacterial growth and the occurrence of breakouts whilst regulating abnormal oil flow in acne-prone skins.

The red light reaches the dermal layers and is clinically proven to activate the circulatory and lymphatic system, creating an optimal environment for skin cells to flourish and allowing for healthy, responsive skin that heals and recovers quickly. It increases collagen and elastin production, firming the skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also significantly improves luminosity and the skins ability to retain moisture, giving you a healthy glow with visible improvement in complexion, texture and tone.

The near infrared light whilst invisible to the human eye, it is the deepest penetrating wavelength of all 3 lights. It is clinically proven to accelerate tissue and cellular repair processes to strengthen and improve the skins integrity and function. Also improves the appearance of hyperpigmentation, reduces and prevents scar tissue, treats rosacea and relieves redness and irritation in sensitive and reactive skins.

Once the skin cells have absorbed these wavelengths, they become instantly energised, which means they are able to function better and can renew up to 200% faster, accelerating regeneration and repair.

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