About Laura Avery

Dermal Therapist and Registered Cosmetic Nurse
About laura avery

My Story

Learning early on just how much the quality of a persons skin can affect confidence and every day life, I was inspired to study at the Academy of Beauty and Spa Therapy where I became fascinated by the results I could achieve for people through Dermal Therapies. I worked across many reputable skin clinics where I perfected my skills and found my passion for changing lives through skin.

I was focused on expanding my scope of practice and so I decided to study a Bachelor of Nursing at Western Sydney University. It was during this time I opened my business and met my amazing clients, most of which I still see to this day. After graduating I worked across multiple specialities as a Registered Nurse at Westmead Hospital and later pursued further training and studied within the specialised field of Cosmetic Medicine.

I love being able to provide my clients with non-surgical treatment options that transform a persons appearance in a subtle yet striking way that embraces their individuality and natural beauty. For me, there is truly nothing better than getting results for someone and seeing their happiness and confidence shine

My Approach

All about results

The better the results, the happier you are and the happier I am too. I believe there is no such thing as being too overeducated so I ensure that I am always up to date with the latest technology, products, techniques and industry knowledge when it comes to both skin treatments and cosmetic injectable procedures.

No band-aid fixes

For long lasting results, I believe you must treat the root cause of the skin condition rather than just its symptoms. Studies over recent years have proven that our skin is often a reflection of our inner health and it is for this reason that I focus on treating your skin both topically and internally too. There is no such thing as a bandaid fix when it comes to my treatments!

Not just a skin treatment

Imagine having the skin of your dreams along with a better understanding of how your skin works so that you know how to keep it healthy and always looking its best...

My treatments that are as equally relaxing as they are results-driven and educational. I ensure that each time you walk out of my studio, you are leaving with an extra bit of knowledge and a deeper understanding of your skin, giving you the tools you need to be able to maintain the results long after we have completed your skin journey.

I care about my clients

Not all skin journeys are pretty. Whether it's dryness after your first skin treatment or a major breakout the night before a special occasion, my clients are never alone. I ensure that I am easily contactable to provide you with as much support as you need during your journey to healthy skin.

I go above and beyond for my clients

I pride myself on offering exceptional patient care and experiences, I am very particular about what I would expect from a service myself and so I have reflected this throughout each facet of my business. I always ensure that you are allocated sufficient time for each appointment so that you are never be made to feel rushed and the studio is a private space, meaning it is entirely yours for the whole duration of your appointment.

my mission
“I understand just how significantly appearance can impact a persons quality of life and wellbeing. It is my mission to make a positive difference in as many of these lives as possible through highly customised skin and cosmetic treatments designed to not only provide transformative results, but to boost confidence and change lives too.”

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